Tough Going

The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

Reading Challenge: A political memoir

Oh, lord.

This was absolutely the hardest book to get through all year. It wasn’t bad; au contraire, it was the solidly-written manifesto of a sensible, moderate man with well-considered positions and ideas. It was hard to get through because like roughly half the country, I was devastated by the results of this election, I’m having panic attacks thinking about the future, and I am going to really, really miss the man who wrote this book.

Seriously, we got spoiled. We had eight years of this:


Also there was this:


And, you know, all the actually great things he accomplished.

Any actual review is at this point impossible. Thanks, Obama. No, actually: thank you, Obama.

Recommended pairing: Whatever it takes to get you through the next four years.


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