In which I get lazy already

The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett and Gray Joliffe

Reading Challenge: “A Book That’s Under 150 Pages.”

If you run across a review that’s almost exactly this thing on Goodreads, just know that it’s me, plagiarizing myself. This is a very small book, and there’s only so much to say about it. It’s about cats. Real cats.

This book was introduced to me by friends with the words “we have a surprise Pratchett you’re going to love.” It’s for people who have cats (these two friends don’t, but are our cat-sitters and enjoy our asshole cat more than seems probable for anyone who isn’t his Cat Parent). I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t into cats enjoying it, but all cat owners are probably going to read it, giggle a lot, and come away with the sure knowledge that their cat is a Real Cat. Granted, most of the examples are country Real Cats, as opposed to the city-dwelling kind, but yeah.

The cat personality is captured beautifully by Sir Terry, as if we didn’t already know, from how he wrote Greebo and You, that he was a cat-loving kind of guy. The whole thing is delightful and takes very little time, but I also have to call out the bit about the tortoise as especially hilarious. Pratchett + tortoises is always a good time (see also Small Gods and that essay he wrote about his process writing Small Gods). Pratchett + cats, ditto.

Suggested Pairing: ginger ale. This is a kid’s book, you monster. Plus, it’s such a quick read, so if you like to savor your booze, you will truly be done with the book before you’re done with your drink. Make it ginger ale and give your liver a rest.


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